Sai Nikhil Thirandas

Sai Nikhil Thirandas

I am a graduate student currently pursuing Masters in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Machine Learning, from Northeastern University. I completed B. Tech (Hons.) from IIT Kharagpur. My primary strengths include Data Structure & Algorithm Implementation, System Designing. Besides this, I hold a strong background in Mathematics, specifically in areas of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics. I'm looking for research internship in Machine Learning for Fall 2021.

Coursera Certifications

Posted on July 28, 2021

This article contains verified ✅ certification links to all the courses I completed on Coursera.

Specialization: Deep Learning



  1. Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  2. Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization

  3. Structuring Machine Learning Projects

  4. Convolutional Neural Networks

  5. Sequence Models

Specialization: Mathematics for Data Science



  1. Discrete Math and Analyzing Social Graphs

  2. Calculus and Optimization for Machine Learning

  3. First Steps in Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

  4. Probability Theory, Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis

Course: Machine Learning

Course: Introduction to numerical analysis

Course: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

Course: SQL for Data Science

Course: Fundamentals of Scalable Data Science

Specialization: Data Structures and Algorithms


  1. Algorithm Toolbox

  2. Data Structures

  3. Algorithms on Graphs (TODO)
  4. Algorithms on Strings (TODO)
  5. Advanced Algorithms and Complexity (TODO)
  6. Genome Assembly Programming Challenge (TODO)

Specialization: Software Design and Architecture Specialization

  1. Object-Oriented Design

  2. Design Patterns (TODO)
  3. Software Architecture (TODO)
  4. Service-Oriented Architecture (TODO)

Specialization: Full Stack Web Development


  1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Audited)
  2. Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools (Audited)